Vision Boards: Creating Clarity out of Clutter


A vision board is a collage made up of inspirational images and words that speak to your dreams and passions.  I personally love creating vision boards because not only am I composing a work of meaningful, inspirational images and messages, I’m also tackling accumulated clutter.  If you’re like me and have even a couple of magazine subscriptions, it’s not difficult to find yourself with stacks of half-read and under-appreciated glossies laying around the house.  When I notice that I have around ten stagnant mags, I know it’s time to reach for my scissors and glue sticks and get to work. 🙂

Chances are, the magazines you have lying around already have a little something to do with your unique self and thus will make good material to create your own vision board.   I was thoughtfully gifted a subscription to O (Oprah) Magazine as well as to Yoga Journal- both are chalked full of visually stimulating, powerful, luxurious images that speak to me and interests.

To start, gather your material: Outdated magazines, scissors, glue sticks along with some nice thick paper to serve as your canvas.

Extract whatever images, words, articles or quotes that really grab your eye and speak to you.

After having gone through all of your material, begin to assemble your vision board, allowing your intuition to guide you.  I like to sometimes incorporate various mediums- water colors, marker, colored pencils and ink.  There is no right or wrong way to create a vision board. Essentially it’s a fun and powerful practice (especially for those that are highly visual) to help create clarity and manifest goals, which is why the finished product is called a vision, or dream board.

Have fun and look to your vision board for direction, motivation and happiness. 🙂


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